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We are a creative entanglement of fearless movement. 

Welcome to WEAVE! We are a creative entanglement of fearless movement. Our fusion approach to movement is how we Weave all styles together. We start training dancers as young as 2 years old all the way into adulthood. Our central location in the heart of Chattanooga, makes us an ideal choice for you or your child's dance education. Keep scrolling to learn more


Why choose us?

Read about why families choose us, and then fill out this form to be contacted by one of our directors about our new student specials

Stands Against Hyper-sexualized Dancing on Youth

Unfortunately, it's a thing.

Excellent Ratings

Our parents love us and we love them!

Competitive Team

For those interested, our competitive team teaches so much more than dance - and is an award winning program!

Censored Music

You won't hear profanity or inappropriate content in music played at Weave Dance Company

Award Winning Choreography & Instruction

Receive the best for your child


We have two annual showcases per year that all students get to participate in.

Diverse Community

We have created an environment that is welcoming to all

Technique & Artistry

We are about creating unique artists with excellent technique

So many styles

We teach the most styles of any studio within 100 miles

Amazing Story

Learn about our husband and wifte team!

Our Programs

Learn more and register

Watch us

Our movement stands out from the rest, and is intentionally different.


"If there's a dance haven for kids, it's Weave Dance Company. Their fusion of traditional and alternative dance styles has kept my children constantly engaged. With adept instructors who deftly blend discipline with fun, every class becomes an adventure for them, pushing the limits while keeping spirits high.

But what truly sets Weave apart is its thriving community. It’s a warm, welcoming space where students form friendships, build confidence, and grow as individuals. It's the dance version of Cheers; a place where everyone knows your name, and camaraderie is as important as the dance steps.

In a nutshell, Weave Dance Studio is an exceptional choice for your kids. Its unique blend of innovative dance styles, a supportive environment, and community-centered ethos make it a standout in the world of dance. Looking for an extraordinary dance experience for your children? Weave Dance Studio has got you covered!"


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