WEAVE's Day School Program

K through 12th are invited to register for our Creative Movement & Dance Arts Day Program. Our drop-off day program will be an expansive, all-embracing, sweeping version of our highly acclaimed evening program

Our cross-disciplinary program will accede us to expand into the highest vocabulary of academic curriculum within creative movement and dance arts in the Tennessee Valley. This will consist of weekly in-class quizzes and quarterly evaluations of terminology, history, and movement in order to achieve an academic mastery of the various subject/styles we offer.... but don't worry, we're still going to have fun :)

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Available Classes

Our day program will offer weekly classes in Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, & Contemporary-Funk as well as Creative Movement and Choreography offered twice a semester. Students will engage in all aspects of the styles including history, terminology, and of course, movement.

Who Can Come

Grades K-12th are eligible to attend our day program.

Pre-K aged students are encouraged to let us know they are interested by messaging us below

Choose Your Day

Students can choose to attend one or two days per week.

Our program runs on Mondays and Wednesdays


Our schedule will alternate between offering Hip Hop and Contemporary-Funk on the 1st week and Ballet and Musical Theatre the next week. The rotation will continue for the following weeks.

Each day is from 11am-1:30pm


1st Semester

August 31st, 2020 - December 18th,2020

2nd Semester

January 11th, 2021 - May 21st, 2021

We follow Hamilton County schools for all scheduled closings. We close due to weather/sickness on a case by case basis


4 Payments of $75/student per semester

5% discount if paid in full on August 31st


Other Details and Discounts

  • $45 registration fee due at the start of each semester per student

  • Sibling discount of 25% off  semester fee for each additional child

  • If you are also enrolled in our evening program as an unlimited company member then you receive 50% off the day program

COVID-19 Guidelines

All students will be required to wear masks while going through our sanitation process (hand sanitizer and disinfecting personal belongings) and entering the building. Students will not be required to wear masks while they participate in physical activity. Dancers will be assigned spots to maintain social distancing during class time. Students will be required to wear masks inside while not in class or unable to maintain social distancing. Instructors will wear a mask in class when unable to social distance. Studios will be sanitized before, in between, and after classes.

Parents will not be allowed to stay inside during class time at this point due to COVID-19. If a parent needs to enter the studio for a brief time, they must wear a mask.


Spaces are limited

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We're Everything

We are not just a classical dance studio, nor just a competition studio... we are everything! We teach the most styles within 100 miles of this region


The dance world is filled with things we do and don’t like. Part of what we don’t like is the way young dancers are dancing & clothed on stage the majority of the time.  Whether your child is 5 or 18, they will NOT be dancing/clothed like that at WEAVE. We strive to be an agent of change that offers intentional, positive encouragement within this industry for both boys and girls. 

Zero Tolerance

We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying of any kind.  If you have seen the show “Dance Moms”, our dance company is NOTHING like it. (But also note: we LOVE our WEAVE Parents so much!)


We recognize that there are some taboos for males dancing in America. We train our boys in all styles while maintaining their masculinity. WEAVE differs from every company in this region on the subject of male dancers. 

Body Standards

...huh? At WEAVE, dancers will feel NO pressure to look a certain way. We recognize human beings come in all shapes and sizes. We strive to encourage strength and healthy, normal eating habits. 


We believe in God of Heaven, our Creator, that gives us talent and power to create and make unique, life-changing art that affects both the artist and those that witness the art.