Health & Safety Guidelines

At WEAVE, your health and safety is our number one priority. 


Mandatory Masks

Students, staff, and anyone entering the studio must wear a mask. Mask breaks can be taken outside in between classes or upon request during class.

Everyone must use the sanitation station before entering the studio. Dancers can enter the studio as early as 5 minutes before their first class. Dancers must book all of their classes in advance on our app or website.

The lobby will remain closed for non-dancers for the time being due to COVID-19 and construction. Bathrooms are open to dancers and families of dancers.  Anyone entering the studio must wear a mask. We have a comfortable, covered patio outside with plenty of spaces to sit. If your child takes leveled classes, you can drop them off and come back for review. If you have a dancer that is in 1st grade or younger please stay near the property.

Families coming to watch review are allowed to stand outside the big studio to watch. No one besides dancers and staff can be in the studio during review.