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(1st Grade and under)

Our 1st grade and under program offers classes in ballet, jazzy tapz, and hip hop & roll on a weekly basis. If your child is in Kindergarten or 1st grade, we highly recommend taking an additional class: Transitions. Performing in our annual Christmas Spectacular and Spring Showcase is expected with rehearsals built into classes when it comes closer to show time.

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We believe consistency is important with this age group, which is why company membership is the only option.


Open Company Membership Includes:

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(For 2nd grade and up)

Our leveled program starts as young as 2nd grade (or rising 2nd graders per summertime) and offers the full variety of WEAVE styles: classical ballet, abnormal ballet, pointe, hip hop, hip hop foundations, tap, acro, jazz progressions, contemporary-funk, lyrical, 4 styles of musical theatre classes, transitions for k-1st grade, and specialty classes during our popular specialty class weeks.


View & Reserve Your Spot: Spring 2021 Leveled Class Schedule & Descriptions

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Our program works best when training holistically in at least four styles (if not all styles). In fact, we have scheduled our classes with that in mind. Even if you can only come one day per week, you can still take 4-5 classes. This is why we recommend taking advantage of our open company membership unlimited plan (valued at over $500/month - which we offer at $150/month). You will have access to 10-12 classes per week in your level! We also have one, two, and three style membership options for those who still want the benefits of open company membership without all of the classes offered.


Open Company Membership includes:

We also have a drop in option or class passes starting at age 16, but keep in mind these options do not include priority booking, summer discounts, or performance opportunities. Please see below for our full list of options: 




Our adult only classes are beginner friendly and recreational. Adults are welcome to take our leveled classes, but if one prefers to be in a class with just adults: then we created this program for you!


View & Reserve Your Spot: Spring 2021 Adult Class Schedule & Descriptions

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You can take adult classes by dropping in, purchasing a class pass, or signing up for open company membership. If you want to attend on a weekly basis, we recommend open company membership:


Open Company Membership includes:


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