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Brennley Blalock

"When moving to Chattanooga, I was very nervous about trying a new dance studio. I had went to some back home and had not-so great experiences. However, Travis, Mrs. B, and the rest of the Weave Dance Fam welcomed me with open arms as soon as I walked in. Their studio helped me re-discover my passion for dance, the instructors pushed me both mentally & physically as a dancer, and there were endless opportunities for me to express myself creatively. Weave, along with the amazing staff, is like no other. They genuinely care about you and your growth, and making you feel apart of the family. I highly recommend trying out a class. You won't regret it"


J Greer

"The owners are welcoming, family oriented, and enthusiastic about dance. Weave offers a variety of classes to choose throughout the week at a great value. I took the adult hip hop fitness class. I'm not the best dancer but I had lots of fun and learned some new moves. My son took acro level 1. Surprisingly he had an open mind to the idea of taking a dance class. He was not as flexible as he thought he was. Lol. But he wants to come back because he learned some cool stuff and his self esteem was boosted. The kids motivated and encouraged each other. I appreciate my son being exposed to the positivity."


Allie Mattingly

"Bernadette and Travis are amazing! They have taken the time to teach my fiancé and I a secret dance for our wedding! It has taken a long time but they have always been patient and kind. She is an amazing instructor and person! Travis is just as amazing! They are a great team together! We have never danced EVER in our lives, and they have turned us around and made this dance amazing! It will def blow everyone away! We are so lucky to have met them, they are very motivational and compassionate. They never let you get down on yourself, help you stay positive even when it seems impossible! The dance studio is not like any others, you can go there and not feel insecure because you might not be as good as someone else, no one is judgmental or rude. It is a place you can go and always feel comfortable and have fun while learning something new! Dance is never really something I thought I would love but they have changed my mind with that. I will def continue to go to the classes even after the wedding! Thank you so much Travis and Bernadette! Y'all are amazing people and have an amazing dance studio!"


Brittiny Edmonds

"Weave is fantastic! All of the teachers do an amazing job! Our family came in knowing nothing about dance and now 3 of my kids take classes several times a week and I've even jumped in to a few adult classes. We love it! Travis and Bernadette have an incredible vision for what a dance company should be about!"



“Weave is a fantastic and welcoming dance studio! My kids love their classes and teachers! The instructors push the students to do their best in an encouraging and compassionate way. We all love the community that we have found at Weave!”

-Brittiny E.

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