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Summer Intensive Challenge

Here's how it works:

  • Must fill out form below to participate

  • To complete the challenge you must be willing to take at least 55 classes between June 13th and August 3rd. 

  • The total number of classes you could take if you come to all that we offer in the level assigned to you is 84 (number could be higher if you are eligible for Transitions classes or have permission to take Pre-Pointe). See the weekly summer class schedule here

  • The real reward of the challenge is your improvement, however students enrolled in the challenge will also receive WEAVE Bucks towards our online WEAVE Wear Store based off of the amount of classes they take:

    • Diamond Level (80+ Total Classes): $100 + Commemorative T-Shirt

    • Platinum Level (70-79 Total Classes): $50 + Commemorative T-Shirt

    • Gold Level (60-69 Total Classes): $30 + Commemorative T-Shirt

    • Bronze Level (55-59 Total Classes): $20 + Commemorative T-Shirt

  • There is no additional cost to participate in the challenge as long as you are already a company member & on an unlimited plan. New students can sign up for the 2nd-3rd Grade Unlimited or 4th-12th Grade Unlimited to be eligible to participate in the challenge.

  • Eligibility requirements: 

    • Must be a rising 2nd-12th grader.

    • Must be on one of the following company member unlimited plans (current students can contact us to upgrade): 

    • Must love to dance, have a desire to improve, and want to have fun!

Ready? Sign Up Here!

Submission is closed to participate in Summer Intensive.

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