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Top Tier Apprentice Company

Mini Company: K-2nd

Junior Company: 3rd-6th

Apprentice Company: 7th-12th

& competitive
dance program is unlike
any other to our region.
With rehearsals, competitions,
performances, assisting classes,
student choreography projects, 
and leadership roles - we teach life
skills through the movement arts.

Apprentice Video

Our Story & Vision

The Top Tier Apprentice Company began in 2016 and was modeled after our  Top Tier Company of  pre-professional and professional adult
dancers/instructors. The goal of the Apprentice Company is to instill excellent behavior, professional attitude, great work ethic, and self-discipline through the art of movement. Through well versed training and plenty of performance experience, we teach our youth skills and techniques that are needed in the real, adult world. With that said, our program is so much more than dancing. We seek to make positive impacts in our youth by holding them accountable for their actions, teaching them the importance
and benefits of commitment, showing them how to treat their instructors
and peers respectively, and much more.


We compete differently

If you are fortunate enough to be an audience member at a competitive dance event, you will see many impressive skills paired with, unfortunately, many adult themed concepts that children perform on stage. This is why we did not join the competitive dance circuit in the early years of WEAVE. How could our dancers be noticed when we weren’t going to stick with the status quo?


โ€‹When we decided to give it a try, we
entered routines that were true to our
values. Weavers went on stage with
class, and to our surprise - the judges
loved us! It was at that moment we
realized the industry was broken
and needed agents of change. 

DSC06530 (1).jpg

We move fearlessly

Our movements reflect our overall philosophy and world view through the lends of our beliefs. We do believe there are movements that are very damaging to young people that lend to the
sexualiation and depravity of the world. At WEAVE you won’t see any movements that will allude to this culture, that in actuality is a very popular style of dance in America right now (unfortunately). WEAVE is not here to win a popularity contest, therefore we are not for everyone. We are here to stand on truth and not be swayed by popular culture or unhealthy trends. We are an original, organic, conceptual dance company that strives to create never-before-seen art done in never-before-seen ways by practicing high art and influencing the very culture of dance in America. 


We teach everything

Teaching our apprentices how to lead a class & create choreography is something we take great pride in,
knowing that in the future, if continued, could become a source of income for a college student, or even a profession! Apprentices in 2nd grade and up begin assisting our younger aged classes, and
are provided more opportunities when they become ready. In fact, our goal is to have most or all of our instructors come out of the Apprentice Company.


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