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Free Dance Classes

That's right! Weave Dance Company is offering free dance classes for ages 2 through 12th grade at our convenient location on Brainerd Rd. in Chattanooga, TN. Free classes will be offered January 22nd & 23rd. Keep scrolling to book your spot in class. (Pre-reservation required to attend - Limited spots!)

  • Are these dance classes really free? Any strings attached?
    These dance classes are truly free! We created these classes for potential new students to try our program without any strings attached. If you do decide to sign up, we will be giving you a discount to get started!
  • What if I don't have the dance wear required?
    If you are attending a free class, don't worry about it! Just come in comfortable clothing. We have spare tap shoes for students to borrow in the classroom. If you're attending a hip hop class, wear sneakers. All other styles can be done in bare feet or socks. We'll hook you up with the right dance wear once you sign up!
  • Can I be in the dance class with my child or bring family members into class with me?
    Only the teacher and the registered dancers within the age group can be in the class. During the last 5 minutes of class, we let parents come in to see what was accomplished in class. We will do this in free classes and in the regularly scheduled classes that will happen once you join the program.
  • But what's the big deal about WEAVE? Why should I bring my child/self here instead of another dance studio?
    People choose us over other dance studios in the area because our attention to age appropriateness, our variety of styles offered, our family friendly environment, award winning instruction & choreography, high ratings, and more! Just go back to our homepage to see what all the fuss is about 😎
  • If I want to sign up, what are the fees?
    Fees include: Monthly Tuition Rates Dress Code Wear Performance Fees See below for full details: 1)Monthly Tuition Rates: Ages 2 through 4th Grade Tuition: 1 Class Unlimited: $55/month 2 Classes Unlimited: $75/month 3 Classes Unlimited: $99/month 4 Classes Unlimited: $125/month 5+ Classes Unlimited: $150/month 5th-12th Grade Tuition: 1 Style Unlimited: $75/month 2 Styles Unlimited: $99/month 3 Classes Unlimited: $125/month 4+ Classes Unlimited: $150/month Things to keep in mind: $45 registration fee due when signing up Students that attend our free classes will receive a discount for enrollment We have a 30-day cancelation notice You can pause your membership for up to two months at a time once per year 2)Dress Code Wear: Weave Wear (sold online or at the studio) is required as the top wear for each student in class. This could be a t-shirt or leotard. We also have hoodies, sweatshirts, and crop top options. Students enrolled in ballet and tap are required to purchase specific ballet shoes and tap shoes from us. Some classes will require a leotard or form fitting WEAVE top. Prices vary. View our online shop to get an idea of dress code wear fees. 3)Performance Fees All students enrolled in our program (excluding adults) are required to participate in our two annual productions: Christmas Spectacular and Spring Showcase. This is our "recital" and it's a part of each students' dance education. Fees for performing include: $75 Spectacular Fee per dancer. This fee will get charged to your card on file 30 days before the show. This fee partially covers venue rental, partially covers choreography creation and set, and includes a souvenir T-shirt that may or may not be used as a costume (depending on what dance you are in), but always acceptable as Weave Wear in dance class. Tickets: Ticket prices are $15-18 for adults, $10-13 for ages 5-17, and $.10 for ages 4 and under. If you want to attend both shows, then discounts will be offered. Ticket sales begin the month of the show Costumes: Costume prices and links to order will be announced two months in advance. We do our best to keep costume costs low! Additional Fees: there will be required dance shoe wear and dance makeup for ladies to purchase for performances.
  • What should I do to attend a free class?
    Make sure you are pre-registered online for the class by booking below! Only dancers that are booked in advance will be able to attend. Limited spaces. First come, first served
  • When should I arrive for my free class?
    If your class is the first class of the day, we won't open our doors until 5 minutes before that class starts. Otherwise, we recommend coming sometime between 5-10 minutes before your first class.
  • I still have questions!
    We would love to answer any of your questions. You can fill out the form at the bottom of our page or reach out directly via call or text to 423-954-0115 or email

Register Below

Registration online is required to attend. Walk ins will not be allowed to take class without first registering online here. Spaces are limited. First come, first served.

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