We have been asking ourselves this for weeks: "How do we have our 7th Annual Spr- I mean Summer Showcase?" Here is what we came up with:

Our Summer Showcase will be held on Saturday, July 25th (with dress rehearsal on July 24th).


Rehearsals will be as follows:

Our Summer Showcase Dance Camp will be held during the hours of 11-3pm on July 13th - 17th for showcase dancers that take our leveled classes (2nd-12th grade). We will be doing some of the dances that we recorded and sent to you during lockdown, and creating brand new pieces this week. We are dropping our rule that you can only participate in the dances your company membership reflects. All dancers that come to camp will be in every piece. This camp (and other rehearsals below) will be available to students who didn't originally sign up for spring showcase as well. 

1st Grade and Younger Dancers will learn their dances in class (Ballet, Jazzy Tapz, and Hip, Hop & Roll) beginning the week of July 6th. 

Adult showcase dancers: we will be reaching out to you to find the best time to start rehearsing.

In addition to these rehearsals, we will be scheduling additional rehearsals the week of showcase (beginning July 20th) beginning after 4:30pm. Please keep your availibility open.

We will be taking the following procedures:

1. All dances will take place while maintaining social distance

2. Costumes will be simple so there is little to need to change

3. Audience members will be required to social distance and wear masks. Families can sit together.


We understand that this may not be ideal for everyone that originally signed up for our Spring Showcase, however we have had to make difficult decisions in these strange times. If you are unable to participate, please contact us.

If you are able to participate please contact us via email or text. If we don't hear from you by July 6th we will assume you can not participate.


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